Can. not. wait. Come and party with us!

Can. not. wait. Come and party with us!

Just finished an amazing photo shoot with @joduck_shmuck.. And our new single is being premiered at 5pm tomorrow with the doctor on Triple J. Listen in! #photoshoot #stonefield #album #newsingle

Just finished an amazing photo shoot with @joduck_shmuck.. And our new single is being premiered at 5pm tomorrow with the doctor on Triple J. Listen in! #photoshoot #stonefield #album #newsingle

Mix Tape.

We wanted to share a few tunes that we’re digging at the moment. Some are inspiration for tracks on our debut album that we’re currently in the process of recording and others.. we’re just lovin’. Enjoy!

Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Royals - Lorde

A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell

Cold Fame - Band of Skulls

City Port - T.Rex

Onto song number 4 of the album today

Onto song number 4 of the album today

Stonefield & Owl Eyes Winter Road Trip

  Earlier this year we were approached by government initiative The Line and asked for our involvement in spreading a message of respect. Spreading awareness for a topic that in some way affects us all is something that we couldn’t be happier to do. Respect is the bottom line, but the organisation covers many aspects of this including prevention of violence against women and promoting healthy relationships. Being something that we feel we can relate to, we were more than happy to use our music to help out. There is no greater feeling than being able to contribute to making a difference through doing what we love. What an amazing reason to do a regional tour of Australia!

  We got to see some amazing places that we had never even heard of let alone visited before on probably our biggest string of dates so far. Snow, rain, hail and shine, we had so much fun gallivanting across the country playing to different crowds of people each night. Touring with Owl Eyes was an absolute pleasure. Being with two extra girls isn’t something that happens often. Usually we tour with boys who party hard and can run on little sleep; but for us slipping into our onesies ready to recharge for the next day seemed ideal. Brooke (Owl Eyes) and ourselves are at a similar stage in our career. We grew very close, sharing our experiences and advice with each other, having such an understanding of what we were going through - hurdles, highs, lows and all the wonderful experiences we have had.

   Over the tour there were days where we were running off of only a few hours sleep, but adrenalin kept us going through the shows. We had one horrible ordeal where we misplaced the keys to our van in Orange. We were left sitting at the venue until 3am searching and desperately trying to find a 24 hour locksmith. In the end we had 3 hours sleep, ditched the van, hired another one and had to pay an absolute fortune for the original van to get back to it’s hire home in Canberra. We only just made our flight to the next show due to a delay, which would have been a nightmare with a travelling party of 12. It was over 8 hours of travel that day, but we made it to the next show in Lismore. Another insane experience we had on the road was our drive to Mt Gambier. We were travelling around in a 12 seater and a 1 tonne van with all our gear. We stopped at a petrol station to fuel up. One of the crew accidentally put diesel into a petrol tank and had to siphon it out with his mouth. He managed to get some in his eye, which was not nice at all! The people at the petrol station were absolutely no help, not telling us where to put it or what to do. We ended up transferring the diesel to a barrel, which followed by the petrol station calling the cops on us. Luckily he was on our side and said he would have done the same thing so we were able to drive away from that situation and get to sound check. Looking back, these stories are hilarious to us. It’s all these little things that make touring so memorable and fun!

  We had amazing audiences each night who were so warm and welcoming to us in their hometowns. There was the occasional disrespectful person who decided to start fighting, or the idiot who threw a can at Owl Eyes because they weren’t “rock” enough. (what!?) These moments really upset us. We were doing a tour trying to rid of this kind of behaviour so for people to go to a gig and behave like that is very disappointing! It was however uplifting to see the disappointment of other audience members who even apoligised to us on behalf of those doing wrong.  

  As a band we feel that we grew a lot on this tour. How could we not after doing a full month of shows? Playing in different venues with different equipment and different people night after night is the best practice we could have. This was the first lot of shows where I took the role of front woman for two thirds of our set. It was a completely liberating feeling. I felt as though I could connect with our audiences so much easier and felt completely free. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love playing drums and always look forward to that part of our set, but it’s so nice to be doing a bit of both. I think it has added a new dynamic to our live show and I’m really excited to be feeling that connection with our audience and the barrier that I sometimes felt I was stuck behind is now no longer stopping me. Poor Hannah was terribly sick for pretty much the whole tour. She had to have a bucket on stage and was throwing up before we walked on. She is a trooper though and didn’t complain once. She powered through, not wanting to disappoint anyone and put on a top show regardless of how her stomach was feeling.

  We want to say a huge thanks to The Line for making this tour happen. We have met some amazing people, seen some amazing places and played a lot of really memorable shows. We hope that we helped spread awareness and got people to think about where they “draw the line”.


Amy – Stonefield.

Triple J One Night Stand

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I didn’t ever wanna be the one to control it

2011 was full of travel, playing, meeting and seeing. All of that between studying meant nowhere near as much time as we would have liked to work on developing our writing skills and building on our song collection. With that in mind, this year we have made sure to put aside time to write and explore. We’re at a really exciting time with our second EP ‘Bad Reality’ being released on the 18th of May, sitting ready and raring to go and we’re already working on the album. Next week we hit the studio for our first block of recording with Lindsay Gravina at Birdland. We recorded the ‘Bad Reality’ EP with Lindsay and can’t wait to work with him again. We seem to make a great team, with the end result always being extremely pleasing! Instead of being locked up in the studio for a couple of months, we decided to take the pressure off ourselves and record two songs at a time. Hannah and I are also experimenting with writing together acoustically as opposed to “all in jams” which is our usual way of coming up with new music. This process has been really fun for us, and it’s so interesting to see the different outcomes when you write in different ways. I love coming back to the writing pad after listening to new bands, reading new books or seeing new places. There is nothing like the feeling of being on a roll with what you’re working on. It all comes together and you know you all feel the same way about the music flowing out, without even having to say it. 

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